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About Lupe

I have been working with clay for approximately 25 years. I live in the country on a small ranch in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. All of my work is done in my private home studio. My studio provides me with a peaceful, serene space that encourages creativity.

I am fascinated and inspired by the Earth’s vast variety of natural materials, some of which are present in the rich organic texture of this series of work. I start to work with only a basic shape in mind, as I work, I allow the clay to twist and bend. I know the clay will in turn be responsive to whatever happens next. I don’t know what the details will be until they begin to appear. When I am at this stage I become spellbound, time seems to stand still as I am immersed in the process.

The reason I enjoy working with clay has as much to do with the process as it does with the final product. For me the process is the reason why and the finished piece is a record of that rewarding process.

“Backporch Productions”

Lupe Baze, Artist

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“Backporch Productions”
208.660.7712 • Clay Art Work featured at several North Idaho Galleries.
Questions? E-mail: Lupe@CLAYWORKBYLUPE.COM

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